Our Mission: To provide collaboration FOR CHILDREN between families, school personnel, teachers, tutors, doctors and therapists to help increase the success of the child.

What we do:

* Meet individually and with the family to provide an assessment of the child:

o Identify child’s strengths, needs and challenges

o Identify all parties needing to be a part of the team and begin communication with them

o Identify potential diagnoses or barriers to the program

o Create a treatment plan with the family, including the child to involve all necessary systems and establish specific, measurable goals for each system

* After treatment planning:

o Meet with the child and family as needed to continue behavioral psychotherapy to work towards achieving treatment goals

o Provide and receive updates on child’s treatment goals, communicate new information or insight into the child’s progress with all identified systems on a weekly basis

o Follow up with any changes to the treatment plan

Areas of Focus:


* Inattentiveness or difficulty paying attention to details (careless mistakes)

* Hyperactivity or “spacing out”, may appear to not be listening when talked to

* Difficulty consistently completing tasks such as homework and is easily distracted

* Handwriting that is messy; difficulty remembering things and following instructions

* Difficulty staying organized, planning ahead or finishing projects


* Difficulty in social situations or presenting as shy or withdrawn

* Difficulty concentrating or noticed irritability, restlessness

* Difficulty asking for help or initiating communication

* Excessive worry for many times per day

* Difficulty with sleeping (reports of “not being able to shut brain off”) or sleepiness during day

* Picking at hands, chewing finger nails, tapping or repetitive behaviors (not associated with another condition)


* Irritability or anger

* Reporting feelings of sadness and hopelessness

* Social withdrawal or outbursts or crying

* Noticed sensitivity to rejection

* Changes in appetite and/or sleep — either increased or decreased