Combating Racism

Fellow Community Members,

We wish to ask for a few moments of your time to reflect with us on the recent tragedies and injustices against Black communities that have been highlighted over the past few weeks. Although these events have been the focal point recently, we are not ignorant to the fact that these types of injustices are not recent. Racism is a systemic system.
Let us say unequivocally, Marriage & Family Solutions stands against hate and racism and with Black Lives Matter. As mental health professionals, we see it as our duty to speak out, stand up and fight against oppressive structures that impact the health of our community. We are well aware that racism is a social determinant of health in our country thus we see it as our duty to address it.
No string of words, however, meaningful or profound, can alone change the impact of racism. However, actions can. We recognize our own lack of racial diversity within our clinic and are committed to increasing our investment in diversifying our education and representation. Currently, clinicians are engaging in fundraising events for organizations that support BLM, participating in discussions around How to be an Anti-Racist through Ibraham X. Kendi’s book, and attending events to learn more about their privilege as white individuals and how to better understand and use it.
Part of the mission of Marriage & Family Solutions is to provoke a thought process that results in kinder, more compassionate communities. We are committed to making sure ALL people feel heard, seen, supported and safe. To our current and future Black clients: we are here, we are listening and we are committed to a better future.

In Solidarity,
MFS Staff